As the American Hospital, while maintaining our leading position in the field of healthcare, we operate with an awareness of our social responsibilities towards the community. We combine our health care and service quality with various social responsibility projects with the aim of enhancing the overall well-being of our community.

Our vision: Contributing to the Community is the Foundation of Health Care
As the American Hospital, our fundamental belief is that health care is not just a service focused on treatment but a fundamental value for our community. In this regard, when planning our corporate social responsibility projects, we focus on sustainable and community-embracing solutions.

Our projects: We are Building a Healthy Future for our Community.
With the social responsibility projects we initiated as the American Hospital, we aim to create awareness in health care, support through education, and provide solutions for societal needs. We aim to reach the community and contribute to positive changes with the projects you can access on our website.

Social Responsibility: Social Responsibility is a Vital Value for Us
At the American Hospital, social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture. In our projects addressing societal needs, we aim not only to provide health care services but also to support our community in health, education, and awareness.