“Patient Experience” is defined as the sum of all patient-related interactions. We consider all of the patients’ experiences starting at admission and continuing through to the treatment stage and recovery; we also take into account the perceptions of the healthcare facility’s staff who have participated in said interactions.

Today, “Patient Experience” plays a crucial role along with medical care to determine the quality of pioneering healthcare facilities around the world, especially the ones based in North America.

Patient Experience Office was first established at the American Hospital in Turkey in order to share the views of our patients and review their feedback in order to improve our chances of hosting them in a more comfortable and safer environment and subsequently deliver the highest-quality healthcare.

We strive to create and maintain a patient-oriented corporate culture to provide our patients with a unique holistic patient experience with participation by all our employees to accomplish necessary improvements throughout the hospital.




(Our Patient Experience Index in 2021 is at a rate of 88%) 


With this service, we aim to boost quality rather than quantity by creating new instructive solutions and developing new algorithms for each department as a result of our discussions with patients and family members as well as conducted surveys. These surveys enable us to receive feedback from patients and their family members about patient care, information processes, catering services, cafeteria, and finance services.

The perception of emotional support and empathy from doctors, nurses, and other professionals is also reviewed to ensure that healthcare is delivered in an environment, where all physical, emotional, and mental needs of each patient are fulfilled.

We create a percentile-based “Patient Experience Index” that is based on objective and numeric data by adding the results of outpatient satisfaction and inpatient satisfaction surveys that are reviewed at monthly intervals with Call Center and complaint management data. Our goal is to increase this index constantly and deliver safe and quality healthcare services that are associated with complete patient satisfaction.

If you would like us to personally pay a visit to your room and listen to your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Patient Experience Office is actively involved in the Person-Centered Care (Planetree) accreditation process. Person-Centered Care is a model that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences and needs, while ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions. Instead of disease-centered care, its mission is to practice individual health or patient-centered care. During, Patient and Family Advisory Council meetings, members share their experiences and based on their perceptions, necessary actions are taken into consideration to improve our services and to provide support in all areas needed.


“Employee Experience” is the total value attributed by employees to their organization as a result of their interactions with it.


To deliver a positive employee experience, where commitment of employees is enhanced.

Employee Experience takes into consideration how employees see, hear, believe and feel in all aspects of their workplace environment.

Employee Experience conducts surveys related to all areas of the organization in order to ensure employee perceptions and feedback is analyzed thoroughly, and necessary changes are made accordingly.