The Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKV) which operates in the fields of education, health and Art was established as Turkey’s first private foundation on January 17, 1969.  
VKV has provided substantial contributions to Turkey’s rapid progress through the organizations it has managed, the projects it has supported and the education fellowships it has granted since its foundation.
The foundation continues to support the education of young minds in Turkey, and has significantly improved the standards of healthcare services, protected cultural heritage and supported the progress of art by vigilantly following the inspiring phrase “It is Our Mission” for 50 years.
Vehbi Koç Foundation initiated the largest investment managed by a private foundation in Turkey with the launch of the American Hospital, Bodrum American Hospital, American Outpatient Medical Center, Koç University Hospital, Koç University School of Medicine, Nursing College, Semahat Arsel Nursing Care Education and Research Center.
Our foundation also supports public health projects, such as the Vehbi Koç Emergency Department at the Haydarpaşa Education and Research Hospital and Ankara University Vehbi Koç Eye Hospital.
The foundation honors distinguished medical practitioners triennially with the Vehbi Koç Award reflecting the vital importance of this invaluable field.
The Vehbi Koç Foundation incorporated the American Hospital in 1995, which it had already supported for many years, making a sizeable investment to form an exemplary healthcare facility. The American Hospital has evolved into a world-class healthcare organization as a result of the VKV’s continuous renewal and expansion efforts.
rahmi m.koç (chairman)
Rahmi M.Koç (Chairman)
semahat arsel
Semahat Arsel
ipek kıraç
İpek Kıraç
temel atay (vice chairman)
Temel Atay (Vice Chairman)
prof. serdar bulun, m.d.
Prof. Serdar Bulun, M.D.
erhan bulutcu
Erhan Bulutcu