The American Hospital’s primary goal is to offer a complete care service to facilitate your recovery. Our hospital delivers this service in line with the highest standards possible pursuant to laws and regulations of the Turkish Republic and the rules specified in the Universal Patient Rights Declaration. All of the rights and responsibilities mentioned below are issued to ensure that you and your family members receive the best possible service at the American Hospital. If you have any questions about your rights and responsibilities, please do not hesitate to seek help from one of our hospital employees.
Your questions can be answered if you visit the Patient Rights Office at our hospital. You can also call the following number 444 3 777 or send us e-mail


Right to medical care:

You have the right to receive a respectful and supportive care service from us.
You have the right to access patient care in line with your faith and values.
Moreover, you are entitled to receive this care from staff who demonstrate compassion and respect in a safe and convenient environment.

Right to request information:

You are 100% entitled to be informed about every aspect of your treatment and care. As a patient, you have the right to be informed and know all the facts about your diagnosis, treatment strategy, and any subsequent procedures.

You also have the right to know all potential alternatives, their risks and benefits and any other details concerning your health and care.

Moreover, you have the right to know which hospital personnel are responsible for your care, their official positions and how they are connected to your treatment plan and you may pursue a second opinion at any phase of the treatment process.

You and/or other authorized people such as family members have the right to access your medical files within a reasonable time frame.

R ight to actively participate in the treatment process and to choose a preferred doctor:

You have the right to participate in all healthcare decisions that are related to your case.

You are entitled to participate in the treatment that is recommended to you and to have your treatment performed in line with the full capacity of our hospital’s personnel and assets.

You have the right to refuse any treatment after you have been fully informed about your health status and all possible recommendations; you are also entitled to choose or change the healthcare personnel involved in your case.

Right to Consent:

You have the right to reasonable, informed participation in decisions involving your healthcare. Before undergoing any procedure, you will voluntarily provide informed consent.
You are entitled to seek information about your care and treatment from the hospital, the primary physician and other key healthcare professionals who are responsible for your medical care at any time before, during or after treatment has commenced; any and all procedures can only be initiated after your consent has been obtained.

You, your family members and any other authorized person have the right to know all potential risks, benefits, and alternatives associated with each forthcoming procedure.

Right to protect private life:

You have the right to protect your private life. The American Hospital already holds strong ethical values that attach maximum importance to confidentiality and protection of patient privacy. As a patient, you are entitled to seek and determine that your confidentiality is prioritized at all stages of your healthcare. Your personal details are kept 100% confidential and they are only shared with American Hospital personnel, family members and friends who you have authorized.

Right to Complain and Appreciation:

You have the right to communicate your complaints or appreciation and all advice and good wishes concerning your care. For this purpose, Inpatient and Outpatient Satisfaction Surveys are issued at the American Hospital. You can fill in your form to express your positive and negative views, whenever you want, and you can also contact the Patient Rights Office.

Information regarding your personalized healthcare process

The American Hospital expects that you inform our doctors and other healthcare professionals precisely at your admission about your active health problems, previous diseases, history of hospital stays if any, and the medications you have taken in the past or are taking currently.
Information concerning previous health care and treatments

The American Hospital expects you and your family members to inform us fully and accurately about your previous treatments for us to facilitate optimal personalized care for future treatments
T aking part in decisions about your medical care

Along with your doctors’ current professional insights after the examination phase, comprehensive medical history is vital in allowing our staff to efficiently determine the best options for treatment and medications. We expect you to take part in decisions about your medical care and ask and answer any relevant questions.
The following instructions are requested by our healthcare staff

Patients are responsible for actively participating in decisions concerning their health care in order to make every stage of the process from beginning to end more efficient and comfortable. We expect you to inform us especially about all issues connected to your treatment that are either not 100% clear or may create cause for concern. We expect you to follow the instructions requested by our staff. Our patients are expected to notify their doctors immediately if they don't wish to comply with a recommended plan.
Rules and practices of the hospital

The American Hospital expects patients and family members to follow the rules and practices of the hospital in order to ensure that all patients receive the safest restorative care possible.

  • Visitors are welcome between 09:00 to 22:00. The process may vary for Intensive Care Units and the Pediatrics inpatient clinic. Bearing in my mind the comfort of our patients, we only allow a maximum of 2 visitors in each room.
  • Smoking is forbidden at the American Hospital.
  • Cell phones may harm medical devices; as a result, we kindly request that you keep your cell phone activity down to an absolute minimum; if you  have to use your phone please use your room or the ground floor area close to the entrance.
  • No flowers are allowed at our hospital to protect the safety and health of our patients.
  • In order to cultivate the most appropriate care settings, we expect all patients to respect confidentiality, privacy and to always preserve a tranquil environment.
  • As an environmentally friendly hospital, we expect patients and visitors to ensure efficient use of natural sources and demonstrate vigilance in the decreasing and sorting of waste.