The scientific world points out that obesity is the longest pandemic of this century. Obesity implies excessive increase in amount of fat in body and the increase in fat mass paves the way for many life threatening chronic or acute diseases from Type 2 diabetes to hypertension, from cardiovascular diseases to even cancer.  Those diseases that mostly develop with obesity are called metabolic diseases. Researches on this subject show that focusing solely on excessive calorie intake for treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases is not a quite correct approach. Recently, a versatile evaluation in which genetic, environmental and psychological factors that may lead to obesity are also considered is given importance. Our specialists who closely follow all developments regarding treatment of obesity and lead international researches in this field prepare treatment plans in the light of these current approaches.
At American Hospital Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery), our specialists aim to help our patients get rid of excessive fat masses permanently, have a healthy body mass index and maintain a healthy life. To that end, a treatment program is created for each patient presenting to our center with a multidisciplinary approach with the participation of endocrinologists, psychiatrics, dieticians and specialists from other related disciplines. Treatment plan that is started before surgery is supported with a meticulous follow-up system after the procedure by evaluating the patient’s psychological status, lifestyle and habits.
At American Hospital Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery), we definitely share all recommended treatment practices with our patients after multidisciplinary evaluations tailored for each patient. We ensure participation of our patients in entire process so that the outcomes can be long lasting and complications can be prevented as much as possible with our patient-oriented treatment approach.

Especially for bariatric surgeries, clinical experience is one of the most critical factors in success of treatments. Thanks to our specialists’ experience of more than 25 years gained at centers in Turkey, USA and Europe and our center’s top level quality approach for services, American Hospital Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery) is referred as a reference center in not only our country but also international arena with its success in treatments. Most importantly, patients who have undergone surgery or have problems related to surgery are referred to our center for revision surgeries or endoscopic therapies.
Patients can feel the top level quality approach in services as soon as they enter into American Hospital Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery). All equipments in the center are specially designed for our obese patients to make sure that they receive the ideal treatments in the most comfortable way.
As is the case for adult patients, pediatric and adolescent patients are also treated by specialists with international experience at our center.