Psychologist Banu Şahin


EMDR Therapist

Psychologist Banu Şahin
  • Completed the following training/education:
    • Intervention for R-Tep Recent Trauma, by Elan Shapiro,
    • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Level 1 and Level 2,
    • Basic Trauma and Early Intervention for Trauma.
  • Participated in ‘The Success Habits of Weight-Loss Surgery Patients’ training, by Donna De Mild of New Jersey Bariatric Group
  •  Attended “Psychodrama Group Psychotherapy” for 6 years at Istanbul Institute of Pscychodrama and was granted the “ Psychodramatician” diploma based on her dissertation “ Treatment of Obesity with Psychodrama”. 
  •  Holder of “Pediatric Psychodrama” and “ Individual Psychodrama” certificates. 
  •  Authored the chapter “ Treatment of Obesity with Psychodrama” of the book titled “Contemporary Approaches in Psychodrama”.
  • Principal fields of clinical interest:
    • Eating disorders,
    • Trauma,
    • Depression,
    • Anxiety disorders,
    • Phobias,
    • Personality Disorders.


Education Institution Year
Master’s Degree Master’s Degree in Psychology, Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul University 1998 - 2001
Bachelor’s degree Department of Psychology, School of Literature, Istanbul University 1994 - 1998


Title Institution Year
Clinical Psychologist Division of Psychology, American Hospital 2015 - to date
Clinical Psychologist ViaMed Healthcare Services 2012 - 2015
Clinical Psychologist Esthetica Medical Center, Ataşehir 2010 - 2013
Clinical Psychologist İdea Center of Psychological Training and Consultancy 2012