The Orthopedics and Traumatology Department at the American Hospital is a clinic that has gained the long-term trust of patients with quick diagnosis and up-to-date treatments for diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system in both children and adults. Our clinic renders high-quality healthcare services pursuant to scientific and ethical principles in line with the highest international health standards.

Founded 26 years ago, our department has been enriched over time by the introduction of locally and internationally well-known skilled physicians. The Orthopedics and Traumatology Department renders high-quality healthcare services in pediatric orthopedics, spinal diseases and injuries, shoulder and elbow surgery, sports injuries and surgery, hip and knee replacement surgery, foot and ankle surgery, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal tumors, hand disorders and injuries, including all microsurgery divisions.

Our department employs advanced diagnosis and treatment methods subject to up-to-date scientific criteria without compromising our ethical values and is a member of the wound council, tumor council, and the council for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, mortality and morbidity. Involvement with a variety of different disciplines optimizes the quality off our services and our cohesiveness with other departments.

Our department is known as a reference center for handling rare, complex or postoperative complications. Our patients are provided with the most developed surgical and medical treatment solutions with proven efficiency involving a holistic approach and cooperation of all related scientific branches under the name of “MSK Line”.

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Our department deals with shoulder and elbow joints conditions, spinal injuries and diseases, congenital and acquired musculoskeletal disorders in children (long, flat bone and spine), hand and wrist disorders, injuries and microsurgery, adult hip and knee joint diseases, sports injuries and surgery, foot and ankle surgery, soft tissue and bone tumors, deformity and extremity lengthening in both children and adults, fractures & dislocation in both children and adults.

Not only arthritis (calcification in the joints) but also more complex conditions such as trauma, osteonecrosis and every kind of orthopedic disease (complications and revision surgery) secondary to prior hip and knee prosthesis surgeries are successfully treated in the Hip and Knee Joint Diseases Unit. Numerous joint replacement (hip knee prosthesis, arthroplasty) procedures are performed with a success rate of over 90 percent. Our team consists of staff specializing in innovative approaches when it comes to total hip replacement and total knee replacement procedures who employ minimally invasive techniques and use cutting-edge materials.

Pain, swelling, mass lesions, limited movement, heat increase, worn articular cartilage around hip and knee joints, congenital hip and knee joint diseases, Perthes disease, osteonecrosis (aseptic necrosis) in the hip and knee, rheumatic diseases, congenital hip dislocation (CHD), infections, hip impingement, disarrangement of hip-knee joint, articular cartilages related to ageing, intraarticular fracture of hip are among the hip and knee disorders treated at our clinic.

Oncologic Orthopedics Unit renders patient-specific diagnosis and treatment services with the assistance of the tumor council with the participation of various disciplines in diagnosis and treatment of benign and malign tumors located in the arm, leg, foot, hand, pelvis, and joint cavity. This field deals with all tumors originating from soft tissues and bones, as well as the tumors that spread to the bones from other organs (metastasis).

Sports Surgery Unit deals with the investigation, prevention, and treatment of every type of disorder concerning the musculoskeletal system as a result of sports-related activities. Comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries are provided for professional athletes and amateur athletes from any age group and at any participation level. Comprehensive treatments are provided which focus on the general health of athletes in cooperation with other departments such as nutrition and dietetics, endocrinology and neurology. In addition to knee, shoulder, ankle disorders, and general trauma, spinal and hand injuries are meticulously treated  in cooperation with other orthopedics sub-branches to ensure that each patient is fully healed in the shortest possible time before returning to their sports activities.

Surgical and non-surgical treatments are performed for diseases concerning mentioned joints and surrounding structures at the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Unit. This area of medicine requires special knowledge and experience due to the complex anatomy of the shoulder and elbow.

The Foot and Ankle Surgery Unit has a staff specializing in the treatment of ankle arthritis, tendon dysfunctions/ruptures, flatfoot (pes planus) deformity, foot deformities, every variety of fractures and dislocations, diabetic/Charcot deformity and symptomatic forefoot deformity. The most effective non-operative methods can be utilized to treat these disorders at our clinic in close cooperation with our physiotherapists. When surgical intervention is necessary, advanced techniques such as ankle replacement, complex ankle arthrodesis, arthroscopy, tendon reconstruction can be successfully performed at our clinic.

All spine diseases that are visible during childhood and adulthood are treated with the most appropriate personalized methods following evaluation by our Orthopedics and Traumatology specialists as well as experienced spine surgeons at Spine Surgery Unit. Treatment options range from minimally invasive day surgery procedures to complex spinal reconstructions in some cases. Our department has an expert highly skilled  team that can perform procedures such as cervical and lumbar disc replacement, microendoscopic decompression or fusion, kyphoplasty procedures or complex spine surgery for deformities of pediatric and/or adult patients.

Orthopedic Trauma Unit renders services 24/7 for diagnosis and treatment of fracture, dislocation and soft tissue injuries in the pelvis, leg, ankle, foot and shoulder areas as a result of both low-energy traumas (fall at home, sports injuries, etc.) and high-energy traumas (motor vehicle accidents, falls from great heights, gunshot injuries). Advanced and complex reconstructive treatments are performed at our clinic for unhealed (non-union) fractures or incorrectly healed fractures (mal-union).

The follow-up of child patients and the provision of related solutions with other branches as well as families until each child’s growth period has concluded is the main focus of the Pediatric Orthopedics Unit. Cerebral palsy and other pediatric neuromuscular diseases, disorders such as Pes Equinovarus (PEV- Clubfoot), gait disorders and deformities, pediatric fractures, congenital dislocation of the knee can be evaluated and treated by experienced pediatric orthopedics team using state-of-the-art techniques.