We at the Women’s Health Center of Koç Health Care Institutions strive to bring you the best what modern medicine offers to our patients.  This includes a wide variety of services ranging from screening of well women for future fertility potential, cancer, breast disease and sexually transmitted diseases to treatment of advanced gynaecological cancer, complex fertility problems and management of high risk pregnancies.  

Women’s Health Center has been established in 1996 and has grown ever since then.  We offer our patients up to date and evidence based fertility, maternity, urogynaecology and oncology services with a compassionate and well educated personnel and modern state of the art equipment.  Our team is comprised of world-renowned doctors and scientists who have published extensively in international journals, lectured in meetings, and performed live surgery at workshops.  We are dedicated to meeting the unique and changing medical needs of women and helping them to maintain and improve their health.  

Koc Healthcare facilities are located in three different strategic locations in Istanbul, which is a major hub for international flights from all over the world.  American Hospital is the oldest and most respected private care institution in Turkey, while the young Koc University Hospital is a very modern academic institution already recruiting the very top students and young doctors from the country for medical and residency educations.  Altogether with over 600 hospital beds, adult and pediatric intensive care units, 24 operating rooms, and intensively equipped laboratory we can more than meet our goals and our patient’s expectations.  

Our web site is intended to bring to you what our Women’s Health Center has to offer in terms of counseling, screening and treatment for all of your problems related women’s health.  You can contact us via mail or telephone for all your problem and inquiries.