The American Hospital’s Urology Department’s unique respected position in the Turkish health sector is due to our outstanding patient-oriented service combined with cutting-edge medical equipment assets. At the Urology Department which is headed by esteemed physician Dr. Gürbüz Barlas, we continuously strive to boost our high standards in every aspect of operations in order to consolidate our place amongst the most prestigious departments at the hospital. We consistently develop and implement innovative clinical concepts into services, such as minimally invasive urology and functional urology by closely following recent technology-based advancements in the field of urology.

Maximum emphasis is given to early diagnosis and the treatment of urological cancers. Our multidisciplinary cohesive approach enables us to combine procedures and methods of urological surgery and oncological treatments under one roof. The minimally invasive approach that is created by laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, which are recently implemented modalities of uro-oncological surgery, has been made possible with the collective experience and specialized skills of the Urology Department.

Modern treatment modalities and minimally invasive approaches which represent another important field of interest for our department are always prioritized for the treatment of stone disease. More importantly, personalized examinations which review the underlying metabolic factors of the stone disease and aim to prevent recurrence of the stone are among our most distinctive procedures.
The department also places special emphasis on functional urology which covers female urology, neuro-urology and voiding dysfunctions, andrology and pediatric urology.
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