We follow up and treat patients with or at risk of organ failure by monitoring impairments of vital signs at the General Intensive Care Unit at the American Hospital.

Our team of intensive care physicians (intensivists) and nurses adopt a multidisciplinary approach in cooperation with other departments while employing state-of-the-art devices. When patients are treated at the intensive care unit we aim to achieve a higher survival rate and a better quality life; we continue to serve as a dynamic intensive care team that efficiently implements up-to-date medical developments.
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In our department that is managed by our team of anesthesiologists and reanimation specialists, we serve our patients utilizing all relevant medical disciplines under the title “General Intensive Care Unit”.
The complaints that we directly deal with include all impairments in vital signs- pulse, respiratory rate and pattern, blood pressure and mental status.
All supportive systems are available for organ failure scenarios; mechanical ventilation, cardiovascular support, renal support, intra-aortic balloon pump, artificial heart-lung support, plasma and blood replacements as well as liver support systems.