Pedagogue Güzide Soyak


  • Pedagogue Güzide Soyak conducted studies on learning difficulties, attention deficits and growth retardation at special training and counseling centers.
  •  Supervises groups in special education institutions.
  • Certified therapist for EMDR and Triple P positive parenting program.
  •  Admits and evaluates children and families in line with her educations.
  • Counseling, education and supervision for employees and educators in fields of psychology.
  • She was educated and supervised by Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Cahit Ardalı, M.D., in the field of Dynamic Psychotherapy and Developmental Paradigms.
  • She was personally visualized by Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist İsmail Ersevim, M.D.
  •  Attended to education and group supervision by Psychiatrist Murat Dokur, M.D., in the area of Family Therapy.
  •  Completed education of Adult and Child EMDR.
  •  Had educationin MBSR and mindfulness in children.
  •  Joined Theraplay and educations on story and play therapy with children.
  •  Completed education of Triple P positive parenting.


Education Institution Year
Bachelor’s Degree School of Guidance and Counseling, Faculty of Letters, Istanbul University 1993
Master’s Degree Forensic Medicine Institute, Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine, Istanbul University 1980


Title Institution Year
Pedagogue MedAmerican Ambulatory Care Center and American Hospital 2002 - to date
Pedagogue Pre-School Education Institutions 1999 - 2001
Research Assistant Pediatric Neurology Division, Marmara University 1997 - 1999
Pedagogue Private Training and Counseling Centers 1993 - 1997