Art and Health Intertwined in “Operation Room”

Open at the American Hospital since 2008, “Operation Room” is the first art gallery established in a Turkish hospital showcasing the belief that reserving a room for art in a healthcare organization strengthens people’s bonds with life itself. The “Operation Room” gallery concept was initially inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s quote “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”.

Emphasizing the view that artistic production is an active and multi-dimensional  activity with hidden meanings, our gallery displays stunning space-specific layouts for each project challenging conventional preconceptions concerning the distinct realities of operating theaters and art galleries while exploring the creative potential of the physical space. 

Artists invited to each one of four exhibitions held throughout the year can work with optimized creative factors to improve their projects; they are also strongly supported by employees of the American Outpatient Medical Center Corporate Communication Department.

We emphasize the importance of holding exhibitions that reach more people where the exhibited work is ultimately collected by art enthusiasts. Therefore, all audiences are offered free-of-charge books specifically designed for the exhibition area by the artists themselves. 

This program hosts the projects that have archival value and have not been exhibited by other art organizations in Turkey along with renowned artists who live and produce art in Turkey or artists who adopt Turkish thematic approaches focussing on the popular motifs such as ‘the body’ as well as social ecology for example.
Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu assumed the role of program director in November 2014.