We are justifiably proud of operating a trustworthy & well respected professional center where patients with every kind of cancer can receive the very best treatment. All services rendered at our department fulfill the provisions of international standards. All kinds of cancer are diagnosed and treated with an effective multidisciplinary cohesive approach or in other words, every associated department at our hospital is involved in the cases being handled by our department. Mutation analysis, somatic mutation analysis, analysis of familial and individual risk factors, preventive measures, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy and vaccine therapy as well as the comprehensive geriatric assessment are all performed within the scope of our multidisciplinary cancer program.

We have created comprehensive treatment options by holding detailed inclusive tumor council meetings involving doctors from relevant associated fields, making immediate examinations and consultations whenever necessary. In addition to providing modern treatment options with innovative functional infrastructure services, we easily supply medications to our patients and have the ability to effectively access useful medical information from Turkey and abroad.

We are passionate about maintaining a high standard of care that has become associated with our department. Our programs require a long process in every aspect, ranging from taking precautions depending on the type of cancer, treating conditions by following up the symptoms and coping with side-effects including psychological and social difficulties. Accordingly, patient and care coordinators are ready to help patients and their family members with all their needs. Moreover, our patients are provided with many services such as early diagnosis, prevention, education, nutrition counseling, and healthy lifestyle advice as well as psychological support in the aftermath of successful cancer treatment.

On the other hand, we carry out joint studies with international organizations that have dedicated themselves to the treatment of cancer, as we share a common purpose. We support creativity and search for new information that can optimize our treatment capabilities. Treatments offered under the Cancer Program of the American Hospital are developed strictly in line with the international standards and enhanced on a daily basis. Cutting-edge imaging techniques are utilized, cancer diagnoses are established with the imaging modalities in nuclear medicine and location of diseased areas can be precisely determined within the scope of Cancer Program at the American Hospital. The most up-to-date technology and techniques, such as minimally invasive surgery, interventional radiology, robotic surgery, and laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, are available for cancer procedures at our hospital.

Our services include screening programs for the early diagnosis of cancer, determining individuals who are healthy but at risk to cancer and informing such persons and their family members about preventing the onset of cancer. Every kind of chemotherapy and other treatment modalities are performed by experienced and well-educated oncology nurses, clinical psychologists and nutritional therapy specialists and monitored and coordinated by medical oncologists in a holistic manner. Chemotherapy and other treatment options are available at both outpatient units and inpatient clinics.

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While cancer causes a very wide range of  complaints, including but not limited to pain, weight loss, eating problems, and postural and balance disorders; patients with no remarkable signs of the disease may also need diagnosis and treatment at our department.
Our clinic covers special areas of Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology and renders services with 2 faculty members, 3 physicians, 1 general practitioner, 4 dietitians, and 1 clinical psychologist. Our sub-services include inpatient clinic, outpatient treatment unit, outpatient services, psycho-oncology, nutrition and dietetics, and social services.