Therapeutic art workshops provide holistic support for the identification of emotions, the development of coping strategies, and help to find creative solutions for problems. This workshop aims to improve physical health as well as mental health. Studies show that the therapeutic art approach contributes to elevating people’s self-esteem, allows them to gain insight and reconcile with their disease, and cultivates the ability to cope with symptoms, increase social functionality, and gain physical and psychological strength.


Why the t herapeutic art w orkshop?

  • Improves active aspects and the empowerment of the individual
  • Improves the ability to express emotions
  • Provision of improved strategies for dealing with difficulties
  • Provision of increased attention and concentration
  • Provides emotional satisfaction and functionality through producing artwork
  • Reduces negative symptoms of physiological and psychological disorders and the side effects of medications
  • Reduces stress and the effects of stress hormones
  • Provides different perspectives and insights


Who can a ttend t he t herapeutic art w orkshop?

  • People who want to discover and understand themselves
  • People who want to learn a new language to communicate with themselves and  their environment
  • People with diseases who are being treated
  • People with psychological illnesses
  • People who are being treated for chronic diseases
  • People with depression and anxiety disorders
  • People with limited verbal communication
  • People with autism, mental retardation, and behavioral disorders
  • People with chronic pain
  • People who will undergo surgical intervention

In order to participate in this workshop, you do not need to have specific artistic knowledge or a predisposition to the arts.