-   We recommend that you perform the poses offered in the courses within your own limits and that you do not force your body or adapt the poses yourself without supervision

-   You do not need to have practiced yoga previously to attend classes.

-   Regarding prenatal and patient courses, please obtain your doctor's approval before attending the first course.

-   Considering that yoga practice is best done with an empty stomach, we recommend that you stop eating 1 or 2 hours before coming to class or consume a light meal.

-   We kindly ask that you take your shoes off in the locker rooms before entering the studio.

-   If you need to bring your phone to the studio, make sure it is switched off or on silent so that it does not disturb other participants.

-   If you have to leave the class early, you can let the instructor know and leave before the final resting pose.

-   We have showers available in the dressing rooms.

-   Inform your instructor about any changes in your health or injuries that may affect your yoga practice.

Mindfulness (conscious awareness) involves paying attention to what is happening in the present moment, recognizing the nature of this attention, and accepting every experienced observation without hastily judging.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that do not tighten your waist and practice these exercises in bare feet.

Our studio has all the mats and props you may need for these practices.

You can practice meditation while sitting in a chair.

You can attend classes at the 12th weeks of pregnancy and beyond.

Our lessons are suitable for all levels. Respect your body's limits during classes.

You can attend our classes specifically designed for pregnant women.

We recommend that you attend at least two classes per week.