Patient Safety: While providing our healthcare services, our first priority is to protect patients’ safety. In order to ensure that our patients receive treatment in a safe environment, we apply meticulous security measures with all of the staff employed at the hospital.
Human Focused Care: We provide outstanding personalized healthcare which reflects each patients’ and their families’ value systems, individual preferences and beliefs, health status as well as family dynamics. We also recognize the valuable notion that each patient has the absolute right to receive and understand qualified and accurate care at the appropriate time.
Safety: It’s important to us that our work environment is 100% safe and secure for patients, employees, and visitors.
Confidentiality: Patient information is always kept confidential; privacy is one of our absolute priorities.
Honesty: Our healthcare services are delivered in line with the principle of unconditional honesty; acting in line with moral values and comprehensive transparency in all our professional interactions is regarded as imperative.
Equity: We successfully avoid discrimination by delivering equal healthcare services that do not favor or disfavor the language, religion, race, gender, philosophical beliefs and political views of our patients; we aim to avoid any bias and display complete parity with patients at all times throughout our facilities.
Efficient Crisis Management: Feedback and ethical conflicts are negotiated and resolved in an efficient and timely manner.
Specialization and Advanced Technology: Specialization efforts are constantly improved by the increase and consolidation of specialized knowledge. Staying up-to-date by closely following information-rich scientific records and key technological advancements as well as adapting relevant innovations are vital steps to remaining current.
Process Performance Management: We always prioritize transparency with performance results indicators that are followed up during our medical and administrative processes. Wastage is prevented by improving efforts to decrease the difference in outcomes of access to healthcare and medical processes and increasing efficiency.
Risk Management: Preventive studies are carried out for all medical and administrative risks; risks are determined and necessary measures are subsequently taken.