Healthcare Providers and Sales Department of the American Hospital conducts market investigations and analysis and concludes new strategic partnerships with both local and international organizations to continue the provision of exemplary services that have been consistently in line with Northern America healthcare standards since 1920. 

Private Health Insurance Companies
  • Acibadem Insurance Company
  • Ak Insurance Company
  • Allianz Insurance Company
  • Anadolu Insurance Company
  • Anonim Ankara, Turkish Insurance Company Inc.
  • Axa Insurance Company
  • Demir Hayat Insurance Company
  • Dubai Group Insurance Company
  • Ergo Insurance Company
  • Eureko Insurance Company
  • Generali Insurance Company
  • Groupama Insurance Company
  • Güneş Insurance Company
  • Halk Insurance Company
  • HDI Insurance Company
  • Mapfre Insurance Company
  • Nart Insurance Company
  • Ray Insurance Company
  • Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
  • Ziraat Insurance Company
  • Türkiye Insurance Company
Assistance of Companies (Domestic - Overseas)
  • Aid Assistance
  • Cgm
  • Euro Center
  • Eurocross
  • Europ Assistance Türkiye
  • Falck Global Assitance
  • İmece
  • Inter Partner Asistance
  • Intermutuelle Assistance
  • Marm Assistance
  • Marm Assistance Assistance Support Services Inc.
  • Medicline Help Service and Consulting
  • Mondial Assistance
  • Prospekt Medical Caspian Llp
  • Red Star
  • Remed Asistance
  • Retas Assistance
  • Seven Corners Inc
Overseas Private Health Insurance Companies
  • Allianz Worldwide Care
  • Bupa International
  • Cigna
  • CMN Global Inc. (Europ Assıstance)
  • European Benefits (Mobility Benefits)
  • Global Care LTD
  • GMC International
  • HTH Worldwide
  • International Health Insurance Denmark
  • J. Van Breda
  • Metlife Expatriate Benefits
  • PPP Health Care
  • Seven Corners, Inc.
  • TieCare
  • TriCare
  • United Healthcare Global
  • American Consulate
  • Consulate of United Arab Emirates
  • Consulate of India
  • Consulate of United Kingdom
Private Institutions
  • Dalyan Club
  • eOfis
  • Kazancı Holding
  • TAV Airports Holding
  • Jockey Club of Turkey
Educational Institutions
  • Beykent University
  • Cambridge College
  • Koç University
  • Pierre Loti Fransız High School
  • Robert Koleji
  • TED İstanbul College Foundation of Private Education Institutions
  • The British International School
  • VKV Koç Private Primary School and High School
  • Zeynep Mutlu Foundation Kemer College
Foundations, Banks, Associations and Rooms
  • Darüşşafaka Society
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Members of the Social Security and Solidarity Foundation (DIVAK)
  • Borsa İstanbul A.Ş
  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry
  • Istanbul Commodity Exchange
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
  • İstanbul Ticaret University
  • Levent Tennis Club Association
  • Finance, Accounting Professionals Foundation
  • Milli Reasürans (Milli Re)
  • Society of Saint Joseph
  • Şeker Insurance Staff Fund Foundation
  • T.M.M.O.B. Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers
  • THY A O Employee Benefit Foundation
  • TIMDER - Economic Enterprise Installation and Building Materials Association
  • TIMFED - Installation and Building Materials Federation
  • TSKB - Industrial Development Bank of Turkey
  • Intellectual and Cultural Association of Turkey
Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Republic of Turkey Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Civil Aviation Organization (JAA) compliance with the criteria of   the American Hospital identified, local and foreign initial and periodic examinations of all classes of volatile staff has authorized to be made.

Installment Cards

"Worldcard (Six installments interest free, for single payment on pharmaceuticals, materials, except for the doctors 5 %)"


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