The American hospital’s Dermatology Department’s experienced and specialized staff includes 2 professors and 6 physicians; with these outstanding professionals all healthcare needs in the field of dermatology are covered, such as allergies, oncology, cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, and the treatment of immune system diseases. Our department offers a cosmetic dermatology unit (aesthetic procedures with botox, fillers, PRP, mesotherapy, fractional microneedle radiofrequency treatment, cosmelan, acnelan, peeling procedures, dermapen, plexr, and thread lift applications) along with the dermoscopy unit which was founded for mole mapping. Moreover, BBL (Broadband Light), Er: YAG laser (fractional), PDL laser (Pulsed Dye Laser), and ND: YAG laser therapies for skin blemishes, vascular lesions, acne and other blemishes, as well as rosacea, facial redness, warts, nail fungi, and benign lesions,  are all carried out at our laser therapy unit. Cabin-type phototherapy (UVA, PUVA, narrow band UVB) and excimer light devices are available at the phototherapy unit to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, skin lymphoma, parapsoriasis, lichen planus and alopecia areata, nail removal, skin lesion excision, electrocauterization, cryosurgery, plexr, and biopsy procedures are performed in our dermatologic surgery unit.

Our department is among the most preferred dermatology clinics in the region with its experienced nursing staff along with sophisticated infrastructure and innovative up to date device inventory. Our clinic is designed to meet the needs of all dermatology divisions with our dedicated physicians who are specialized in their own particular skin related fields.
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Our department includes certain fields, such as dermato-oncology, dermato-allergy, cosmetic dermatology, dermatologic surgery, pediatric dermatology, laser treatments, hair diseases, and autoimmune bullous diseases. Therefore, our patients should attend the Dermatology Department for all skin related complaints. This includes a wide spectrum of ailments such as itching, various skin rashes, moles, persistent scars and allergic rashes, as well as nail and hair diseases. Also, our branch practices preserving skin health without the occurrence of a disease, delaying effects of ageing with cosmetic practices, as well as treatment of spots and hair loss. Extraction of certain skin tumors, biopsy, treatment of warts and nail surgery are also within our expertise parameters. Dermal allergic diseases and hives are one of the major areas of dermatology and patients should attend our department for all allergic skin tests. All kinds of nevi are evaluated and mapped with our clinic’s dermoscopy device and interventions are performed, if necessary, after risk assessments have been established.
Our sub-services include cosmetic dermatology, dermatologic surgery, dermato-oncology, dermato-allergy, laser treatments, pediatric dermatology, phototherapy, and dermoscopy.