American Hospital, which has been operating under the umbrella of Vehbi Koç Healthcare Foundations, took over the Private Bodrum Hospital, the reliable healthcare destination of both residents and visitors of Bodrum since 1997. The hospital has been receiving patients as Bodrum American Hospital since 2019.
To ensure that the Late Roman (400-500 A.D.) relics unearthed during restoration and renovation could be exhibited as part of our hospital, painstaking work has been put into preservation of each relic. Restoration of the exhibition grounds was financed by VKFHI American Hospital. Historical remnants were kept below the ground level, encased in glass up top and converted into exhibition areas in the form of six separate pools. As a result of the extensive restoration work, Bodrum American Hospital pioneered a first in the field of culture and art alongside healthcare as a “ Museum Hospital”.

Bodrum American Hospital offers reliable healthcare services at superior quality standards to both those residing in Bodrum and its vicinity and domestic as well as international tourists with a bed capacity 64, various polyclinic services, advanced diagnostic and laboratory facilities, 25 polyclinics, 17 intensive care beds, 3 operating rooms and a broad range of specialized treatment units from cardiovascular surgery to angiography, chemotherapy and medical oncology.