We initiate annual medical examinations of our patients at the Check-up Unit of the Bodrum American Hospital. Check-up programs are designed in line with specific risk factors and requirements of each patient and are coordinated with other departments. This approach prioritizes the holistic evaluation of each patient utilizing the outstanding interdisciplinary support that is available at our hospital.

Irrespective of how professionally our check up program is formulated, we are aware that no single check-up program can meet the needs of all patients and therefore check-up programs at the Bodrum American Hospital are modified according to the patient’s specific risk factors; medical history, genetic background, lifestyle and environmental conditions are all taken into consideration during the initial doctor-patient discussion. Moreover, most of the procedures, ranging from height measurement to ultrasound, are performed in a single session at the Check-up outpatient clinic. Any further examinations and tests carried out by other departments are also arranged by the check-up department.

The check-up clinic’s mandate includes the continuous communication with patients, starting from the initial encounter, and occupying the role of  ‘first unit’ for patients to present or consult for any and all health problems along with regular medical examinations.


Our department offers preventive healthcare services rather than complaint-oriented treatment and it aims to keep patients healthy by adopting pre-emptive measures to reduce the risk of compromised health in the future.
Our check-up department is not limited to only a field of specialty; we prefer to focus on the holistic evaluation of patients in a more inclusive manner. We cooperate with cardiology, clinical laboratory, radiology and nuclear medicine departments for check-up programs. Moreover, our patients are served with the support of all relevant departments, especially nutritional health, endocrinology, gastroenterology, physiotherapy as well as general surgery.
This medical examination process starts with a preliminary rendezvous with one of our doctors where personal risk factors and needs are determined. After the best program is selected for patients, all necessary tests and examinations are initiated. A second discussion with the same doctor is then scheduled, at which all of the results of the tests and examinations are reported; the results are reviewed and the patient is informed about necessary measures.
  • General check-up
  • Sleep health
  • Heart health
  • Nutrition
  • Dermal health
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Female/Male health