We merge up-to-date technology with innovation, delivering optimal healthcare services to our hospitals. Our human resources approach is influenced by the inspiring truism that our most valuable asset is our workforce.

The basic recruitment process method demonstrated at the Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions is to employ educated and professional personnel with appropriate qualifications at the optimal time who are adaptable and can apply the binding philosophy, vision, mission and principles of our institutions while simultaneously improving and developing their careers. The candidates should be open to learning and innovation, successful in human relations and be able to follow company initiatives; they should also have the qualifications that meet the technical specifications.

Naturally, our work system is focused on “patient satisfaction” as we operate in the health sector. To this end, a working potential that extends beyond the expectations of patients is vital. Our preferred list of possible employees includes people, who will have the correct level of expertise, demonstrate complete loyalty, perfect communication skills, an ability to empathize, with perfect suitability to teamwork and can take on board company initiatives with ease.

The recruitment of doctors and other personnel is initiated by the Human Resources Directorate of the American Outpatient Medical Center. We do not outsource to any local or international service firms.