• Quality Management
  • Patient Safety

Quality Policy


Pursuant to our managerial approach and quality policy, Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions;

  • Take into consideration the requirements, expectations, and rights of our patients, employees and all stakeholders in the way we carry out our services;
  • Work in line with laws, regulations and occupational ethics;
  • Pay strict attention to the satisfaction of our patients, family members, and loved ones as well as our fellow employees;
  • Take necessary measures to ensure continuous improvement of our patient care standards;
  • Use up-to-date information technology;
  • Place emphasis on improving the aptitudes of fellow employees;
  • Aim to transfer our carefully crafted systems, our specific corporate culture and our dignified empathic approach to future generations.

Environmental Policy

The goal of the Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions is to leave a clean environment for future generations. For this purpose;
  • We work in line with laws and regulations concerning environmental protection, local and international standards and provisions of accreditations.
  • We determine, monitor and check environmental factors to minimize the adverse environmental risks stemming from the processes of examination, diagnosis, and treatment and we continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We strive to increase environmental awareness in all our patients, their family members, employees, contractors, suppliers and the society that we interact with as well as our stakeholders.
  • We ensure the sustainability of care quality, while medical and other waste is disposed of thoughtfully in line with environmental principles; we investigate and implement all means to prevent pollution. We value recyclable waste initiatives, and we use natural resources conscientiously and efficiently.
*​Environmental and Quality Management System includes all departments on “Our Services” page.

Information Security Policy

In order to ensure the sustainability of the healthcare services that we deliver and to protect our information assets, Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions;
  • Safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of all assets that are subject to information security standards.
  • Fulfill all provisions of laws, regulations, and standards related to  information security and continuously look to improve all of the above.
  • Manage all internal/external risks that threaten our information assets in a systematic manner and record all adverse events that may influence our information security and adopt corrective measures immediately.
  • Enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees and the third parties that supply goods and services.
  • Ensure the security of our systems with customized physical and technical policies.
  • Organize training and education to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase the awareness and functionality of our information security system.


Aiming to increase service quality continuously, the American Hospital employs quality improvement management; as an extension of our corporate philosophy, this managerial approach is reflected in all our services areas.



Accreditation is a voluntary process that helps to evaluate patient safety as well as the quality of patient care in healthcare organizations in other countries by taking into consideration legal requirements and cultural differences. Improvements detected during the evaluation process suggests a good degree of progress.
Joint Commission International (JCI) is the international accreditation service unit of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) – a non-profit organization that focuses on overall improvements as well as increased safety of healthcare services.

JCI is a voluntary organization that has experience in more than 70 countries, which aims to improve quality, patient safety, and increased efficiency of healthcare services in the US and international platforms.
The American Hospital was awarded the JCI Accreditation Certificate on December 15 th, 2002 and was also selected as the best international practice model by JCI in fields “Isolation Practices for Patients with Infection”, “Hospital Cleanliness”, “Documentation of Quality System” and “Employment Process of Healthcare Professionals”. It is approved that the American Hospital is in a favorable position to compete at an international level in terms of patient care, treatment, and safety.
All our patients can contact the following address to provide feedback concerning hospital safety and overall quality of care.

  Contact Joint Commission International | Joint Commission International

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)


Being the “first and only” private hospital in Turkey with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, the American Hospital delivers high-quality services including patient care, treatment, and safety.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The American Hospital was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in October 2 nd, 2000. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate winner receives recognition, as it is the first chain of corporate development efforts and it covers all medical and administrative departments. The ISO 9001 certificate was awarded in 2000 by targeting the business perfection model of the European Foundation for Quality Management; not only is this certificate issued to a private hospital for the first time in Turkey but it also represents a promise to ensure the sustainability of quality through periodical audits.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

By attaching importance to environmental health as much as a patient’s health, the American Hospital has initiated efforts in line with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and it was the “first and only” private hospital to be awarded this certificate in February 2004. Our hospital continues to strive for efficient use of our natural resources and also wants to effectively sort waste to prevent pollution, implement disposal methods that do not harm nature while utilizing recyclables.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

The Information Technology Department at the American Hospital has retained its ISO 270001 Information Security Management System certificate since April 10 th, 2015. Our hospital places great emphasis on the security of your information. Our information assets are identified and classified and necessary measures are taken based on systematic risk assessments of potential threats. Based on this awareness, all your information is protected according to the principle of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. Your information is disclosed only to you or other persons that you have authorized



“European Association of Echocardiography Laboratory Accreditation” is awarded by the European Association of Echocardiography to laboratories that meet the criteria for standardizing echocardiography practices and display the right attributes necessary for matching the test quality demonstrated by top European Laboratories. In November 2010 The Echocardiography Laboratory housed in our Cardiology Department was one of the 1st labs to be accredited in Turkey for both Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) and Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) and remains the only accredited Echocardiography Laboratory in Turkey.  

“LEED-EBOM Platinum”


The American Hospital is the first hospital in Turkey and the second globally to receive the prestigious “LEED-EBOM Platinum” certificate.

Being affiliated with the Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions, the American Hospital was awarded the “LEED-EBOM (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance) Platinum certificate which is regarded as one of the most distinguished green building certificates. LEED-EBOM was developed by U.S. Green Buildings Council (USGBC), as an environmentally friendly building certification system that represents the highest accomplishment in this area. Delivering healthcare services in line with patient care quality that meets North American healthcare standards, the American Hospital is the first and only hospital in Turkey and the first general hospital with such a sizeable facility within this scope globally that has been certified by LEED-EBOM, after the operational performance of existing buildings were inspected.

VKV American Hospital is prominent in the health sector with its goals of offering a healthy and comfortable interior environment recognized by the “LEED-EBOM Platinum” certificate while boosting user satisfaction in the work environment, decreasing the use of personal vehicles, meeting provisions of environmental legislation, going beyond these legislations, increasing participation of officers/users and corporate efficiency in the field of sustainability and complying with environmental standards and regulations via ISO 140001.

By integrating the principle of continuous improvement and environmental responsibility into corporate culture, the American Hospital scored “100 points” in EPA Energy Star that is based on the energy performance index from the “LEED EBOM Platinum” certification process.



The Ministry of Health launched the Baby-Friendly Hospital Program in order to elevate breastfeeding in the hospital into a successful and fundamental practice for promoting the positives of breast milk, informing the mothers about lactation and encouraging good habits. The title of “Baby-Friendly Hospital” is granted to hospitals that offer delivery services and inform candidate mothers about breast milk and lactation and how this process connects to pregnancy. “Baby-Friendly Hospitals” also encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies immediately after birth and provides healthcare professionals with the tools to instruct mothers how they can breastfeed their babies. Our hospital was granted this title by the Ministry of Health in 1998 and has been providing delivery services under the banner “Baby-Friendly Hospital” for more than two decades.



The Patient Safety Practices at the American Hospital continually focus on increasing the level of safety for all patients, visitors, and employees. Our goal is to ensure safety by cultivating an extremely positive environment that will physically and psychologically benefit patients, family members and employees.

Your Safety is Our Priority!

You are a member of our healthcare team. Your participation through the provision of feedback contributes to your safety. Therefore,

  • Ask questions about your care and treatment to healthcare professionals who are involved in your case.
  • Carefully listen to what is explained to you and take notes. Ask a family member or a friend to accompany you.
  • Express concerns, needs, and priorities to your caregivers.

You can always express your concerns to our healthcare professionals.



Identity Verification

Our healthcare professionals will verify your identity for your safety to ensure that the right care is provided to the right person. Wear your identity wrist band throughout your stay at the hospital and check the details written on the said wrist band. This wrist band is vitally important for your safety. Therefore, do not remove it under any circumstances.

Check that our healthcare professionals verify your identity by checking the identity details written on your wrist band before the medicine is administered or the treatment is initiated. 

Medication Safety

  • Notify us of all drugs, vitamins and even herbal medicines you have been taking.
  • You should not take any medicine, including vitamins and herbal medicines, which were not prescribed or ordered by the correct healthcare professionals throughout your hospital stay.
  • Having medication with you and taking medication without your doctor’s permission may pose a risk to the success of your treatment. If you are prescribed medicine that produces an effect similar to the effect caused by medicines that you have brought from home, for example, you may experience an overdose.
  • Notify your doctor about the side effects of the prescribed drugs.
  • Discuss your concerns and pose questions about the prescribed medication.

Fall Prevention

The risk of experiencing a fall throughout your treatment at the hospital may be higher than the risk of falling over in your routine daily life. The medicines you take, the procedures, your illness, and the care environment are principal factors that increase this risk. If our healthcare professionals, who are responsible for your care, consider that you are at risk of a fall, you will be informed and safety measures will be taken to prevent future falls. A nurse call button has been installed next to your bed and in the bathroom. Your nurse will instruct you about how they are used. Always keep the call button within your reach and use it whenever you need.

Please carefully follow the recommendations written below in order to minimize the risk of falling over!

  • Keep your phone, call button and any other relevant equipment you may need within your reach.
  • Use the “call button” to seek help from your nurse while getting out of the bed or stretcher.
  • Sit in your bed or stretcher for several minutes before standing up slowly.
  • Wear non-slip shoes or slippers that fit your feet comfortably.
  • Do not sit at the end of the stretcher/wheelchair.
  • If you need help to use the bathroom, use the call button and do not stand up by your self.
  • Do not keep any superfluous/dangerous objects on the floor of your room.
  • If you use an aid, such as a walker or walking stick, our personnel will place them within your reach.
  • When something spills on the floor, please inform us to clean it.
  • If you decide to stay alone in your room, please inform our personnel.

Infection Prevention

Our personnel takes the necessary measures to minimize the risk of infection throughout your hospital stay. One of the most important measures one can take is washing your hands.

  • You can wash your hands with water and soap or use the alcohol-based antiseptic solution that is available in your room.
  • If you are not sure whether your caregivers washed their hands before touching you, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Remind your family members, friends and caregivers to wash their hands.

Operation and Other Procedures

  • Discuss the benefits and risks of the procedure and the alternative treatments with your doctor, before you sign a consent form for an operation or any variety of procedure.
  • It is your right to participate in all decisions about your treatment and to know what will be done in each phase of the treatment.

We will always be with you to deliver high-quality safe care in all your treatment and care processes.