The Department of Pediatric Surgery at the American Hospital provides solutions for any and all surgical problems that might develop in children between the age of 0-14 and successfully performs all open and endoscopic procedures in the indicated cases. Top pediatric surgeons have been working in the department since 2002 and successful operations have been carried out prolifically due to the knowledge and skills of our surgical team combined with the latest technological equipment.
Notable features of our department include high bed capacity and an experienced pediatric surgery team that renders healthcare services around the clock. Pediatricians at our hospital offer their services in a comfortable, safe and convenient environment where our pediatric surgery team can be reached at any time. Our ability to follow a multi-disciplinary approach based on well thought out strategy formed from regular meetings held by the pediatric urology and pediatric oncology clinics as well as close collaboration with Koç University Hospital and the ability to recognize the personal needs of our patients, as well as the availability of all laparoscopic techniques, constitutes an overall excellent standard of professionalism.
Our experienced pediatric nurses are always attending our child patients who require extra care and attention during the postoperative period. The top-quality care at our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit allows our infants to cope with the postoperative care period in a particularly trouble-free and comfortable manner. The constant accessibility of a top pediatric psychologist, whenever needed, is one of the privileges that come with the availability of a large integrated team. Moreover, we can perform laparoscopic surgery for children of all ages thanks to the technological devices that enable us to perform bronchoscopy and endoscopic procedures.
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We render healthcare services in the fields of pediatric surgery and pediatric urology.
All complaints and procedures regarding the surgical treatments of the entire body of children (thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, urological surgery, genital surgery, and circumcision) form the group that is directly linked to our department.