Burak Hızlan, M.D.

Check Up

Burak Hızlan, M.D.
  • Dr. Hızlan works at Emergency Department, Inpatient Floors, Zekeriyaköy and Göcek Outpatient Clinics, Organ and Tissue Transplant Coordination Office and Check-Up Units. 
  • Holder of ERC (European Resuscitation Council) Advanced Life Support Certificate, DAPM (Deutsche Akademie für Präventiv Medizin) Preventive Medicine Certificate, Ministry of Health Organ and Tissue Transplant Coordinator Certificate, Turkish Medical Association On-site Physician and Tourism Physician Certificates.
  • Principal fields of clinical interest:
    • Multidisciplinary approach,
    • Preventive medicine.


Education Institution Year
Family Medicine Residency Taksim Training and Research Hospital 1995 - 1999
Medical Education School of Medicine, Istanbul University 1987 - 1995


Title Institution Year
Attending Physician American Hospital 2002 - to date
Medical Coordinator ExxonMobil Turkey 2002 - to date
Attending Physician Eczacıbaşı Home Care Services 2001 - 2003
Attending Physician MedAmerikan Ambulatory Care Center 1999 - 2001