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At the American Hospital’s Functional Medicine Department, our specialists focus on determining how and why illnesses occur.

In short, the Functional Medicine model provides predictive, preventive and personalized treatment with an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of diseases and promote optimal wellness in the process.

A detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors are required for this process. With the essential collected data, our physicians evaluate the effects of the aforementioned variables as well as environmental factors on each patient’s health and how each factor can trigger complex-chronic diseases. At the end of each analysis, a long-term customized health plan/lifestyle program is formulated for each patient.

There are two main areas that are studied in detail during Functional Medicine evaluations and constitute the key components of treatment: Nutrition and lifestyle.

Food and Nutrition: We know that when unhealthy patterns occur in our eating habits (which are vital to sustaining healthy lifestyles), they play a significant role in many health-related issues we encounter throughout our lives. Studies show that eating habits can affect positive or unwanted negative consequences on human biology as well as psychology. According to scientific data, positive changes in dietary habits have promising and surprising effects not only for healthy living but also for the treatment of very serious diseases.

Lifestyle: Studies that show lifestyle changes have an important effect on people's healthy lives are becoming increasingly numerous. In particular, the effects of stress, sleep and physical activity on our holistic health are very important.

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The consultation takes a minimum of 120 minutes. Before the consultation, the applicants are asked to fill out the Functional Medicine Inquiry Form (an 18-page form that needs to be filled in detail). It is also very important to assess the last 3-month examinations of our patients during the preparation phase.

In both the preparation form and the session, our patients' complaints are especially evaluated in the following 6 areas: Digestive system, energy production, toxic load and detoxification mechanisms, immune system, hormones, and cardio-metabolic state.

According to the results of the evaluations, if necessary, our patients are directed to specialist physicians and our functional medical physician liaises with these specialists in the provision of treatment.

After the first consultation, examinations are planned and the patient is subsequently informed.

Then an appointment is planned for a dietician and healthy life coach consultations.

In functional medical consultation, the following 5 important areas regarding the behavior and lifestyle habits of our patients are evaluated to find both root causes and to subsequently plan treatment and recovery:

Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Physical Activity, Relationships

Our functional medicine evaluations provide important support to our patients, especially in the management of chronic and complicated diseases.

In addition, our department provides services for patients who have both preventive holistic health needs and are concerned with personal health planning.