Just as the body is transformed when working with the soul, the soul is transformed when working with the body. In this creative process, the soul and body form an integrated whole; one cannot exist without the other. Opening ourselves to the broadest sense of creativity, enjoying the process without the pressure of being perfect can serve to increase the quality of each performance. The constant differentiation of the bodily state forms the basis of our state of mind, emotions, and thoughts, and therefore our perception of self. With Creative Motion, we experience our form in space, weight and lightness, slow and fast, our attention now and in the moment. This is how we attain vital sensations that accompany us such as expansion, falling, hesitation, or uncertainty.

In this workshop, we aim to develop personal expression through improvisation by expanding the repertoire of our body movement, making sense of our internal processes and our relationship with the outside world

Anyone open to the state of being can participate in this workshop where there is no self-conscious concern about performing.