We are incredibly proud that since 1975 the Coronary Intensive Care Unit at the American Hospital is the first specialized unit of its kind located in a privately owned hospital based in Turkey.

Our CICU includes 12 fully equipped independent rooms. Services are rendered by two physicians and 17 nurses who are solely assigned to this unit and are specialized in coronary intensive care. Vital signs of our patients are monitored continuously for 24 hours a day by our trained technicians.
All emergency interventions, including pacemaker insertion, cardiac catheterization and chest catheter placement under fluoroscopic control, can be performed round the clock in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit.

We also have an additional 6 beds located in our telemetry unit adjacent to the angiography laboratory. Patients in this unit are constantly monitored and observed by our in house physicians; their treatments can be maintained and monitored in the most attentive way possible.

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