Nowadays, hospitals are trying to go beyond the conventional healthcare system. In the modern age, studies have shown that stress, anxiety, and environmental factors trigger health problems in individuals. Though modern conventional medicine has been designed to care for our physical and mental well-being; holistic approaches such as mindfulness, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and nutrition, have all been designed to be complementary and supportive to the modern age healthcare organization.

Furthermore, hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic and MD Anderson, have been leaders in the field of integrative medicine which shined a light to the existance of Code Lotus Mindfulness Center that was established in 2018 with the motto: “Heal Thyself”. Our vision is to offer programs and workshops that reduce suffering and aid in healing of patients and employees who experience severe stress and burnout.

While Code Blue is defined as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Code Lotus addresses the holistic resuscitation of the mind, body, and soul. The Code Lotus classes for Yoga, Pilates and meditation are specially designed for clients, pregnant women and patients (obesity, chronic pain and cancer) with the desired outcome of body and breath awareness. Moreover, homeopathy, biofeedback, chiropractic, dance therapy, functional medicine, osteopathy, alternative nutrition, and acupuncture are some of the other treatments that are envisioned be offered by Code Lotus.



In conclusion, In order to maintain healthy lives we now know, as a hospital, we need to restore the balance of the self. Our center is one of American Hospital’s best examples of employing innovation to support medical recovery. Being driven by modern Western therapeutic approaches and novel scientific research and managed by physicians, Code Lotus addresses the concept of “conscious awareness” and creates a shift in perspective and provides greater clarity in the way we define health and healing.​

Massage for the Hospital Patient and Family

The Code Lotus Mindfulness Center provides holistic massage therapies for patients, relatives and health personnel. Designed to support healing, our massage therapies aim to provide many benefits such as reducing acute/chronic physical pain and stress levels in individuals.



Scientifically proven art therapy workshops (marbling art, music, motion/dance) are very useful in identifying our unconscious emotions, improving our problem solving skills, coping strategies and self-esteem as well as decreasing our stress and anxiety levels. These types of practices make significant contributions to our holistic wellness in terms of expression of emotion and deciphering thought patters. Furthermore, art workshops aim to improve mental health as well as physical health. With that in mind, Code Lotus has a variety of other workshops and will be adding new ones as necessary for supporting the individuals’ health journey.


Our Schedule

Our course schedule includes mindfulness-based yoga, yin yoga, pilates, mind and body awareness programs for cancer patients, special courses for pregnancy, and meditation sessions. Furthermore, our doctors and instructors have designed the content of each class. These courses are open to all hospital staff members, patients, relatives, and anyone wishing to attend mindfulness based classes.


*Our classes are in Turkish. Please contact us directly for private classes in English.


We have hosted seminars with world-renowned speakers such as Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Gabor Maté in the past period and we are planing to hold more conferences with expert speakers.


Code Lotus is designed to support medical recovery and bring a holistic approach to all treatments. To serve this purpose, Code Lotus incorporates the definition of “conscious awareness” based on conventional wisdom, Western therapeutic approaches, and new scientific research.
For more information, please contact us at (+90) 212 311 34 80 or codelotus@amerikanhastanesi.org to keep updated you can follow us on Instagram  @codelotus .