American Outpatient Medical Center has been tending to surgical cases in particular with 2 full-fledged operating rooms since 2015.

The operating theatre consists of 2 operating rooms, 2 preoperative preparation beds, 3 recovery care beds, 2 fully-equipped patient rooms and a sterilization unit. 

The operating theatre not only ensures all necessary measures at global standards, but also boasts all types of cutting-edge equipment, devices and surgical instruments.

Teamwork is of high significance at the department, where 2 specialized anesthesiologists, 1 algologist (pain specialist), 3 anesthesiology technicians, 3 perioperative nurses, 2 operating room staff members, 2 sterilization technicians and 2 medical transcriptionists work fulltime. 

Standards of the International Federation of Perioperative Nurses are practiced and healthcare personnel receive continuous professional training for better service at our operating theater. 

Our center prioritizes patient safety and comfort, and takes rapid strides on the path to becoming a reference healthcare provider on the Anatolian side with an increasing number surgical cases.